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Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) Onboarding Course

Feb 27-Apr 7, 2023Anyone

Course Description

The Online PDP Onboarding Course is designed to support college teams that are new to the Postsecondary Data Partnership. Participants will connect with colleagues and mentors, complete a comprehensive PDP data submission to maximize dashboard functionality, navigate the ever-growing demands for better data to inform better decisions, and use data to advance equity. The course content is available online for participants to access when it best suits their schedule and is supplemented with live sessions for real-time engagement with PDP experts.  

Register Now

This course is being offered free of charge for spring 2023. 

We encourage college teams that are preparing their first data submission, looking to supplement their initial submission with additional data, or correcting quality issues to increase the usefulness of the dashboards, to attend the course. We recommend that teams include representatives from institutional research, information technology, the registrar’s office, and, for those planning to submit the financial aid file, the financial aid office. 

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the PDP, its goals, and the institutional and organizational partners involved 
  • Identify the key components of the PDP data submission process and assess your institution’s readiness to submit PDP data 
  • Employ best practices for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data 
  • Contribute to data submission quality, security, privacy, and accuracy efforts to ensure the use of data as a valuable strategic resource 
  • Locate resources such as frequently asked data submission questions, technical support, and a community of practice 


Online content will be open to participants for three months beyond the course end date. Each core lesson has a dedicated week in which participants engage with the content and complete relevant exercises. Engagement with online content should require about two hours per week, totaling 12 hours of asynchronous engagement for the whole course.  

In addition, ATD will host six live sessions on Tuesdays from 4:00–5:00 P.M. ET. Participants are encouraged to join the live sessions for live Q & A, but all recordings are available for on-demand viewing. 

Week 1:  Introduction to the course, the PDP itself, and resources for PDP data submission 

Week 2:  Focus on data definitions and getting off to a good start 

Week 3:  Exploration of the gateway data elements and strategies for getting the data 

Week 4:  Optional data elements; the financial aid file; public dashboards option 

Week 5:  Managing the actual data submission process 

Week 6:  What comes after the data submission; how to manage access and plan for use of the dashboards.   

To learn more about the course, email Lisa Stich: [email protected]

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