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ATD Strategy Hub: Adult Learners

Research & Reports
November 6, 2023
Adult learner of color working on a laptop in their home

90 Million Reasons to Prioritize Adult Learners

Roughly 90 million adults, or 22% of the U.S. population aged 18 or older, have not yet obtained a postsecondary credential. Approximately 45% of those people – nearly 40 million adults – started the journey but chose to stop before completion.

Recognizing the importance of prioritizing this diverse audience for a successful higher education experience, ATD took action. In November 2023, ATD introduced the Strategy Hub, a collection of strategies, highlights, and resources designed by and for leaders in higher education institutions. The launch of the Strategy Hub was specifically geared towards adult learners, with the goal of empowering institutions to unlock their potential and champion life transformations within this versatile demographic.

Adult Learners Are Ready, Resilient, and Reachable

Ready to become the first choice for adults seeking economically vibrant futures through higher education? Whether it’s deploying adult learner outreach associates or designing rapid reskilling certificate programs, the strategies, college spotlights, and resources available in the ATD Strategy Hub will equip your community college to support adults at every stage of their learning journeys.

Explore Adult Learner Strategies
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