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Your Accelerated Path to Transformation

Accelerating Transformation engagements dive deeper within specific institutional capacities and are customized based on your college’s areas of growth.

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Customizing Your Path

No two colleges experience Accelerating Transformation the same. After completing Foundations of Transformation, ATD works with your college to determine the right coaches and the right engagements for the topics that make the most sense for you, from K–12 partnerships to equity to holistic student supports, delivering support in the ways that best fit your institution.

Accelerating Transformation partners receive the following benefits:

  1. Ongoing work with ATD experts to identify priorities and growth opportunities.
  2. Customized assessments to determine data-backed courses of action for your institution.
  3. A custom approach (in both time and modality) to fit your institution’s needs and accelerate your institution’s capacity for success.
  4. Integration with and extension of your college’s Foundation of Transformation work.

Our Areas of Expertise

We provide institutions with holistic, tailored support for every aspect of their work — from leadership and student support to data and equity and everything in between.

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Truly serving your students means no one gets lost in the shuffle — or the numbers. We unpack how your people, processes, and systems use data to build and refine strategies for student success.

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Colleges must examine and redesign structures, processes, and attitudes that fuel inequities. We give you the insights, foundational skills, and transformational strategies needed to drive equitable student outcomes.

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Holistic Student Supports

Each student is unique, from the personal and academic support they need to their individual dreams and goals. We help you design student-centered operations by envisioning the ideal student experience and developing an action plan for getting there.

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K–12 Partnerships

By bridging high school and college education, your community can help low-income youth and young adults earn the credentials and degrees they need to succeed in the workforce. We support you in linking high school and college networks, engaging youth at risk of not receiving a high school diploma, and identifying barriers that exist within current systems.

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The best leaders are not stagnant; they’re always learning and growing. We help you develop a clear and compelling vision for student success — and use that vision to set priorities, orchestrate action, and build a student-centered culture.

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All students need a clear path to completion and careers of value. We advise colleges on building guided pathways that help students choose – and stay on – their path, ensuring learning is intentional and future opportunities are explicit.

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Teaching & Learning

Effective teaching and learning practices maximize student outcomes by helping students feel valued, connected, and engaged. We help colleges build the infrastructure they need to offer high quality teaching and learning by implementing data-informed and equity-based practices, creating hubs of faculty innovation, and more.

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Trusted experts for the journey ahead.

Our coaches and experts have worked in community colleges across the country. We’ll match your institution with coaches who have seen the challenges you’re facing up close and who understand what’s needed to address them.

Accelerate Your Transformation Today

While the journey to transformation is never complete, it can be accelerated. Reach out today to get started customizing your path to building a more student-centered, community-changing institution.

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