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Partners for Your Transformational Journey

Our experts have worked in community colleges across the country. They’ve seen challenges up close; they understand the tools required to help create smart solutions that address your institution’s unique challenges. With Achieving the Dream, you’ll work directly with our network of experts to create and follow your path to success.

Susan Adams Associate Director, Teaching & Learning
Dr. Melinda Anderson Executive Director for Network Engagement
Dayna Anderson-Ward Program Specialist, Meetings & Learning Events
Jennie Aranovich headshot
Jennie Aranovitch Senior Writer
Tony Beaubien headshot
Tony Beaubien Accountant, Finance & Operations
Jacob Bray Digital Media Manager
Kelli Bryant
Kelli Bryant Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Anastasiya Bugayenko
Anastasiya Bugayenko Services Management Specialist
Janice Caldwell
Janice Caldwell Grants Accountant
Francesca I. Carpenter Director, Equity Initiatives Achieving the Dream
Rukayat Temi Coker
Rukayat Temi Coker IT Business Analyst
Shara Davis Headshot
Shara Davis Senior Fellow for Special Projects
Stephanie Davolos Director, K–12 Partnerships & Gateway to College
Andrea DeGirolamo
Andrea DeGirolamo Staff Accountant, Accounts Receivable, Finance & Operations
Wendi Dew Executive Director, Coaching Practice
Dr. Bret Eynon Strategic Teaching and Learning Coach
Eric Fiero Project Manager, Program Development
Elizabeth Fischer Program Specialist, Program Administration
Cheryl Fong
Cheryl Fong, J.D. Director of Marketing & Branding
Dr. Bobbie Frye Associate Director, Research & Assessment
Sherece Fullerton
Sherece Fullerton Project Manager, Holistic Student Supports and K12 Partnerships
Dayna Gilliard Associate Director, Development
Meredith Archer Hatch Director, Network Relations
Leon Hill headshot
Leon Hill Strategic Data & Technology Coach
Jonathan Iuzzini Director, Teaching & Learning
Shawnice Johnson
Dr. Shawnice Johnson Senior Data Analyst
Christopher M. Kamonjoh headshot
Christopher M. Kamonjoh Associate Director, Operations
H. Ray Keith Associate Director, Teaching and Learning
Sarah Kinnison Associate Director, Program Development
Headshot Ryan Knight
Dr. C. Ryan Knight Associate Director, Recruitment & Retention
Dr. Mandi Koch
Dr. Mandi Koch Associate Director, Research & Assessment
Headshot Julia Lawton
Julia Lawton Director, Program Administration
Stephanie Marshall Executive Director, Meetings & Learning Events
Headshot Nick Mathern
Nick Mathern Executive Director, K–12 Partnerships
Chris McLeod Executive Director, Marketing & Communications
Jairo McMican Associate Director of Equity Initiatives
Erica Moreno
Erica Moreno Project Manager, Marketing & Communications
Urysha Moseley headshot
Urysha Moseley Associate Director, Services Management
Jessica Penick Data Analyst
Jan Peters Associate Director, Meetings and Learning Events
Headshot Dr. Paula Pitcher
Dr. Paula Pitcher Director, Holistic Student Supports
Headshot Alina Randall
Alina Randall Assistant Director, Tribal Colleges & Universities
Pauline Roberts Controller
Headshot Talisha Rogers
Talisha Rogers IT Specialist
Dr. Tanya Scott
Dr. Tanya Scott Director, Program Innovation
Derrick Semeneh Executive Director, Information Technology & Digital Transformation
Iva Simmons Accounting Manager
erin_slater headshot
Erin Slater Administrative Operations Specialist, Human Resources
Headshot Terianne Sousa
Terianne Sousa, J.D. Executive Director, Service Management
Gabriel Stangl-Riehle Administrative Coordinator, Network Engagement
Dr. Lisa Stich
Dr. Lisa Stich Director, PDP Program/Strategic Data & Technology Coach
Headshot Janice Stucke
Janice Stucke Chief Financial Officer
Yu Sun headshot
Yu Sun Program Specialist, Coaching
Abel Tadesse Senior Systems Administrator
Paula Talley Executive Director, Program Development
Raelea Taylor Administrative Coordinator, Network Engagement
Christine Wolff-Eisenberg Director of Development


Dr. Julie Alexander Coach
Dr. Lisa Azure Coach
Dr. R. Eileen Baccus Coach
Dr. Joanne Bashford Coach
Randy Bass Coach
Michael Bates Coach
Dr. Trudy Bers Coach
Michelle Blackwell Coach
Jacqui Broughton Coach
Dr. Eleanor M Brown Coach
Roderick Brown headshot
Dr. Roderick S. Brown Coach
Naima Brown headshot
Dr. Naima Brown Coach
Dr. Thomas Broxson Coach
Christian Calienes Coach
Roberta Carew Coach
Dr. Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz
Dr. Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz Coach
Dr. Miguel Ceja Coach
Photo of Dr. Cory Claseman, Coach
Dr. Cory Clasemann Coach
Dr. Tamara Clunis Coach
Dr. Rhonda Coats Coach
Photo of Karen Colbert, Coach
Karen Colbert Coach
Kimberley Collins Coach
Dr. Rachel Jessica Daniel Coach
Daryl Davis Coach
Kara DePaul Coach
Dr. Wendi Dew Coach
Dr. Dallas Dolan
Dr. Dallas M. Dolan Coach
Dr. Jerrett Dumouchel Coach
Ken Ender Coach
Dr. Bret Eynon Strategic Teaching and Learning Coach
Dr. Mary Fifield Coach
Dr. Mark Figueroa Coach
Nancy Finazzo
Dr. Nancy Finazzo Coach
Dr. Laurie Fladd Coach
Dr. Deb Fontaine Coach
Dr. George Gabriel Coach
Dr. Rene Garcia Coach
Dr. Maggie George Coach
Dr. Marie Foster Gnage Coach
Marc Goldberg Coach
Dr. Jean Goodnow Coach
John Grant Coach
Dr. Connie Green Coach
James “Dub” Green Coach
Dr. Linda Serra Hagedorn Coach
Dr. Tina Hart Coach
Laurie T. Heacock Coach
Linda Herlocker Coach
Dr. Jean Hernandez Coach
Dr. Jennifer Hernandez-Khan Coach
Headshot Leon Hill
Leon Hill Coach
Jennifer Hill-Kelley Coach
Dr. Greg Hodges Coach
Ken Hubbell Coach
Dr. G. Edward Hughes Coach
Angela Hughes Coach
Dr. Kimberly James Coach
Dr. MaryAnn Janosik Coach
Eugene Jones
Eugene Jones Coach
Keisha Jones Coach
Dr. Beatriz Joseph Coach
Dr. Donna M. Jovanovich Coach
H. Ray Keith headshot
H. Ray Keith Coach
Jana B. Kooi Coach
Donna M. Kragt Coach
Emily Lardner Coach
Vickie Lock Coach
Jameson D. Lopez
Jameson D. Lopez Coach
Dr. Judy Loveless-Morris Coach
Dr. Kimberly M. Lowry Coach
Dr. Jan W. Lyddon Coach
Dr. Terri M Manning Coach
Dr. Victoria Marron
Dr. Victoria Marron Coach
Dr. Alycia Marshall Coach
Susan Mayer headshot
Susan Mayer Chief Learning Officer
Dr. Kellie McCants-Price Coach
Dr. Donna McKusick Coach
Dr. Virginia McReynolds Coach
Dr. Trent Mohrbutter Coach
Dr. Kara Monroe Coach
Vanessa Morest Coach
Photo of Dr. Yas Morimoto, Coach
Dr. Yash Morimoto Coach
Dr. Natalie V. Nagthall Coach
Shawnda Navarro Floyd
Dr. Shawnda Navarro Floyd Coach
Rain Newcomb Coach
Dr. Molly O'Keefe Coach
Photo of Dr. Heather Ortiz
Dr. Heather Ortiz Coach
Dr. Mary E. Ostrye Coach
Anne Oxenreider Coach
Charlie Parker Coach
Dr. W. David Pelham Coach
Dr. Julie Penley Coach
Dr. Monique Perry-Graves Coach
Dr. Marcia Pfeiffer Coach
Dr. Marisa E. Pierce
Dr. Marisa E. Pierce Coach
Headshot Dr. Paula Pitcher
Dr. Paula Pitcher Coach
Michael Poindexter Coach
Dr. Camille Preus Coach
Dr. Lida Rafia Coach
Dr. Nancy Ramsey Coach
Mary Rittling Coach
Dr. Lenore P. Rodicio Coach
Sheri Rowland headshot
Dr. Sheri Rowland Coach
Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker Coach
Margaret Shippey Coach
Dr. Adelina Silva Coach
Dr. Kelly Simmons Coach
Dr. Kelly D. Smith Coach
Dr. Liz Soluri Coach
Dr. Mary Spilde Coach
Photo of Dr. Nancy Stano, Coach
Dr. Nancy Stano Coach
Dr. Ty Stone Coach
Dr. Omero Suarez Coach
Esmeralda Sweeney Coach
Dr. Jacqueline S. Taylor Coach
Dr. Jackie C. Thomas, Jr.
Dr. Jackie C. Thomas, Jr. Coach
Dr. Walt Tobin Coach
Dr. Vasti Torres Coach
Dr. Diane K. Troyer Coach
Dr. Misha Turner Coach
Tasia VanderVegt Coach
Dr. Marisa Vernon-White Coach
Dr. Linda Watkins Coach
Photo of Stephanie Whalen, Coach
Dr. Stephanie Whalen Coach
Dr. Traci Williams Coach
Anu Williams Coach
Dr. Yolanda Wilson Coach
Dr. Rick Woodfield Coach
LaDonna Young Coach
Dr. Desiree Zerquera Coach
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