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Whole College Transformation Starts Here

Foundations of Transformation is our core program: It’s an intensive three-year engagement led by expert coaches, designed to build foundational capacities for student success.

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A Bold, Holistic Approach to Transformation

Foundations of Transformation is designed to enable sustainable college transformation across leadership, equity, data — and so much more. Through our longstanding partnerships and practice in the field, Achieving the Dream is continuously improving our Whole College Transformation process, anticipating future needs and issues, and fueling innovation.

After nearly two decades of experience, we’ve learned that delivering equitable student success on a substantial scale requires colleges to engage in bold, holistic, sustainable institutional change. Before we can help your institution transform, we have to understand where you’ve been. Our work begins in a cohort setting with a comprehensive assessment and data analysis to identify equity gaps and critical areas for improvement. There, you’ll be connected with expert coaches who will align the Foundations of Transformation experience according to your institution’s unique needs – and more importantly, those of your students. Coaches will pull from their extensive experience to adapt our frameworks to the individual context of your institution – your student demographics; your legislative environment; mission and theory of change; past initiatives and student success efforts; and more.


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Tribal College and University Programs

ATD partners with 33 Tribal Colleges and Universities to support their student success work and help empower them as hubs of growth and opportunity for their communities.

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Building Resiliency in Rural Communities for the Future of Work

ATD is partnering with eight rural colleges who are catalyzing their efforts to build socially just and economically prosperous communities.

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What You Will Receive

As a Foundations of Transformation cohort participant, your institution receives:

  • Two experienced coaches to help you facilitate and lead your change management process.
  • A coach-facilitated discussion of your college’s Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT) results to help you recognize your strengths, prioritize areas for improvement, and identify actions to build capacity to support your student success efforts.
  • Access to over 40 in-person and online events and webinars where you can connect with and learn from over 300 community colleges.
  • Four complimentary registrations to ATD Kickoff, our launch event for new colleges
  • Seven two-day site visits (three site visits in Year 1, two site visits in Years 2 and 3)
  • Additional monthly coaching check-ins throughout the 3 years
  • 8 complimentary registrations (4 in the first year, 2 in years 2 and 3) to DREAM, our flagship annual conference
  • Unlimited and free access to all ATD resources, including research, reports, publications, and toolkits
  • In-Network pricing on all events and network services

How Your College Will Benefit

As a Foundations of Transformation cohort participant and member of the ATD Network, you have direct access to hundreds of colleges across the country. With peer-to-peer learning, you gain insights from the successes — and lessons learned — of others, allowing you to make data-backed decisions to strengthen institutional capacities and better serve your students.

  1. Develop evidenced-based, student-centered strategies
  2. Be part of a premier peer learning network
  3. Make decisions informed by solid data and student progress monitoring
  4. Build a culture where everyone holds themselves accountable for a shared vision of student success
  5. Be the first to learn about and test exciting new approaches
  6. Make more progress toward equitable enrollment and completion goals
  7. Address or close equity gaps

Trusted experts for the journey ahead.

Our coaches and experts have worked in community colleges across the country. We’ll match your institution with coaches who have seen the challenges you’re facing up close and understand what’s needed to address them.

Start Your Transformation Today

When institutions are committed to excellence through equity and a clear focus on their students, both students and their communities thrive. Begin your transformation by joining the ATD Network today.

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