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Portrait of a female student of color in a classroom smiling


We exist to support every community college in becoming a catalyst for equitable, antiracist, and economically vibrant communities. Getting there requires a strong, thriving network of educators dedicated to learning from each other and transforming their institutions to better serve each and every student.

A Thriving Network

ATD Network colleges cited three top reasons for joining our network: To focus on equity and narrow opportunity gaps, to set strategic priorities for improving student success outcomes, and to make better evidence-based decisions. When educators come together to further these goals, colleges and students across the country benefit.


colleges in the ATD Network across the United States


students served by Network colleges


high school students graduated with college credit through ATD’s Gateway to College program


Minority-Serving Institutions in the ATD Network

Transformed Colleges

ATD Network colleges choose transformation over tradition, curiosity over inaction, innovation over status quo. In short, they know there is always progress to be made. The top areas in which Network colleges reported making progress in 2022 include: increased use of data to inform decision-making, a greater commitment to equity and closing equity gaps, alignment and integration strategic goals and initiatives, and implementation of high-impact practices to strengthen student learning.


Leah Meyer Austin Award winners with outstanding long-term gains in student success and institutional equity


Leader Colleges of Distinction reporting sustained improvements in student outcomes and reduced equity gaps


Leader Colleges where the entire staff is committed to ensuring access, belonging, and success for all of its students

To learn more, view and download ATDs fiscal year reports

Achieving the Dream: Transforming Colleges and Communities

FY 2023 Annual Report


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Our Work

We believe community colleges are catalysts for more equitable, economically vibrant communities. At Achieving the Dream, we work with leaders to transform colleges to ensure all students can access learning that propels them into rewarding careers.

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Areas of Expertise

We provide institutions with holistic, tailored support for every aspect of their work – from foundational capacities such as leadership, data, and equity to intentional strategies for supporting students holistically, building K-12 partnerships, and more.

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Our work to champion access and equity in higher education is made possible by our many supporters: our founding partners, our funders, and our supporting partners.

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