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Announcement: DREAM 2022 fully virtual

News & Updates
October 13, 2021

Achieving the Dream (ATD) has held its annual DREAM conference since 2003, welcoming powerful voices across the field of higher education to exchange ideas, discuss innovative practices, and elevate stories of success.

Last year we welcomed DREAM attendees virtually for the first time. As a result of this experience, we found unequivocally that a virtual event allows ATD to stay true to its promise of centering equity. Learning from this, we turned our sights toward DREAM 2022, looking forward to incorporating virtual elements that would allow us to overcome geographical restrictions and make a highly accessible event that is more diverse and inclusive by design.

Again, we find ourselves needing to make a difficult decision about our upcoming DREAM conference. We solicited feedback from college presidents and the ATD Network and heard the overwhelming concern around the pandemic’s continued impact on travel, safety, and access to an in-person event this year. Our decision is grounded in our organizational values around providing the safest and most inclusive and equitable experience we can.

Today, we are excited to announce that DREAM will once again be a fully virtual conference, taking place February 14–17, 2022.

Our advanced digital platform will provide an immersive experience, featuring many of the benefits of a physical conference while expanding accessibility and allowing deeper participation from the higher ed community. Members from every campus unit can take advantage of this virtual programming to tailor their experience, connect with peers, and walk away energized and equipped to serve their students.

DREAM 2022 will center around five key themes that represent opportunities to transform our campuses and communities. These themes are:

  • Building stronger pathways to and through postsecondary education
  • Adopting a holistic, equity-focused approach to community vitality
  • Eliminating systemic barriers to student success
  • Fostering a sense of belonging through teaching and learning excellence
  • Leveraging data and analytics for institutional and community well-being

As much as we will miss seeing you all in person, we look forward to connecting with you throughout the four-day virtual DREAM experience. Registration for DREAM 2022 will open soon.

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