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K-12 Partnerships

Handling Demand for Dual Enrollment

Mar 5, 20241:00pm - 2:00pm ETNetwork Colleges

Achieving the Dream’s Network Webinar Series is back! Since 2020, Achieving the Dream has been providing its nationwide Network of over 300 colleges and universities with exceptional webinar series covering some of the most important topics facing the field. This year’s webinar topics continue to explore innovative, critical, and just-in-time learning opportunities to colleges navigating unprecedented challenges in a rapidly evolving field. 

Dual enrollment has been a critical lifeline for community colleges amid a general, nationwide decline in enrollment — yet it is not without challenges. Community colleges may find it difficult to generate interest in dual enrollment programs in some school districts, while they struggle to meet demand in others. Colleges may also find it challenging to maintain a commitment to equity as well-resourced districts request more dual enrollment courses, while more diverse — yet less resourced — districts remain underserved, with fewer dual enrollment offerings. Even finding and training faculty to teach dual enrollment courses can sometimes prove to be an obstacle. 

Webinar Goal: Support community colleges with dual enrollment programs in effectively meeting demand for dual enrollment courses among various districts with an unrelenting commitment to serving all students. 

Register for April’s webinar, Strategies for Tracking Post-Completion Outcomes 

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