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K-12 Partnerships

Reengaging Post Pandemic Youth With Dual Enrollment

Dec 14, 20232:00pm - 3:00pm ETAnyone

More and more students are questioning whether entering college immediately after high school is the right choice. In 2019, 8% of high school students surveyed indicated that college isn’t worth the cost. In 2023, we saw that figure jump to 20%. 

Dual enrollment programs hold enormous promise to counteract this trend by increasing college-going rates — especially for students who are underrepresented in higher education. However, in order for these programs to meet their full potential, they must be coupled with services and supports that address a broad range of student needs. 

Gateway to College (GtC) is an exemplar dual enrollment program that empowers communities to reengage students who have been disconnected from education. With a network of 28 colleges partnering with hundreds of K-12 districts nationwide and a strong emphasis on personalized student supports, GtC increases access and engagement in college and career pathways for high school students who have traditionally been excluded from dual enrollment. By leveraging local K–12 partnerships, the program prepares high school students in and for college.  

Join ATD for this webinar to learn how GtC maximizes equitable, effective dual enrollment and to determine if the Gateway to College program is right for your community. 

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