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Holistic Student Supports

Fostering College Institutional Change: A Study of Achieving the Dream in Florida

Research & Reports
January 5, 2023
Teacher with a group of university students, in a laboratory classroom. The instructor is considering one of the students work, the mood is light hearted and positive. Other classmates are discussing things with each other. This is a realistic teaching scenario, with candid expressions. This is a multi-ethnic group of women. In the background there is a white board with mathematical formula written on it. All ladies are wearing id tags.

ATD recently partnered with MDRC in 2019 to investigate change efforts at nine ATD Network colleges in Florida. Those colleges represent diverse enrollment sizes, geographic environments, and levels of engagement in the Network. A new report shares insights from college stakeholders and examines the driving factors that prompted or sustained change.

The study concluded in early Spring 2022. The report highlights three main findings:

  1. An emphasis on developing strategic plans with clear, adaptable goals and measures of progress
  2. An investment in defining and discussing equity practices and applying them to student success efforts
  3. An intention to establish collaborative leadership and inclusive decision-making among more faculty and staff

This work was supported by the ECMC Foundation.

Full Report
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