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Launching the Community College Practice-Research-Policy Exchange

News & Updates
May 12, 2021

In response to the need to connect growing higher education research to practitioners in the field, the Belk Center and the University of Maryland Global Campus Program in Community College Policy and Administration have formed the Community College Practice-Research-Policy Exchange.

The Exchange is a national initiative that will work with key partners, including ATD, to build stronger connections between practitioners and researchers. This project will develop a national community college research agenda defined and set by practitioners in the field and share research findings in accessible formats to promote research-informed policies and best practices at community colleges throughout the country.

ATD will support the Exchange by connecting Network college presidents to the research process, developing and distributing accessible research briefs, and presenting key findings at DREAM 2022 in Portland.

Leading a network of more than 300 community colleges in 45 states, ATD understands how deeply committed community college leaders are to expanding access, increasing equity, and improving outcomes for their students. But colleges’ efforts to make changes on campus are not always supported by, or even connected to, the research and data that can best support those changes. ATD is uniquely situated to draw on diverse expertise from college leadership and faculty to support this Exchange, which will form a two-way loop between research and practice and equip institutions, organizations, and practitioners in the field to better serve their students and communities.

Other key partners include the National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges, the Aspen Institute, the Community College Research Center (CCRC), and Jobs for the Future (JFF).

Learn more about the Community College Practice-Research-Policy Exchange here.

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