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East Los Angeles College

East Los Angeles College

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About East Los Angeles College

EAST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE has an international, multicultural student body that complements the 14 communities comprising its primary service area. The college offers both academic transfer courses which prepare students for admission to four-year colleges and universities and occupational programs which prepare students for careers in two years or less. Many of the students who transfer from East Los Angeles College to a four-year university move on to nearby California State University, Los Angeles, or to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The college is located in the suburban community of Monterey Park, California, ten miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Facilities include an Instructional Center; Bookstore; Cafeteria; Library; 20,000 seat sports stadium; 2,000 seat auditorium; and a 1,500 seat indoor swim stadium. The Associated Students Organization emphasizes social and cultural programs representative of the varied student body. Campus clubs have open membership to students who are members of the Associated Students Organization. A computer center in the Student Activities Center offering internet access to ASO members was recently opened and has quickly become a popular gathering place. The location of the College allows for recreational activities in the desert, the mountains, at the beach and numerous amusement parks and special attractions for which Southern California is well known.