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Walters State Community College

Walters State Community College

2018–present 2018–present
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About Walters State Community College

Walters State is learning-centered, public, two-year community college committed to increasing educational attainment and workforce preparedness of its constituents through excellence in teaching and service. Walters State serves residents in 10 predominantly rural East Tennessee counties in the foothills of the Great Smoky and Clinch mountains, as well as students representing several states and countries. The college is focused on increasing educational attainment rates by enhancing access to courses and programs and providing support services that give students the resources they need to complete a certificate, degree, or workforce development credential. Consistently recognized nationally for the use of technology in the classroom, Walters State is committed to providing students with the tools necessary to achieve their academic and career goals. The college - s initiatives are guided by its strategic plan, which focuses on four priorities: access, student success, quality, and resourcefulness/efficiency. The goals of the college include increasing participation levels of historically underrepresented, nontraditional and underserved populations; developing support and communication strategies to foster student success; monitoring and improving the effectiveness of its administrative support services, academic student support services and community and public service programs; providing effective educational programs, activities and services through continuous improvement efforts; developing and maintaining effective partnerships in support of its institutional mission; and addressing efficient use of resources through multiple approaches and entrepreneurial initiatives.