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Headshot Dr. Paula Pitcher

Dr. Paula

Director of Holistic Student Supports

Dr. Paula Pitcher, the Director of Holistic Student Supports, is a strategic leader dedicated to implementing comprehensive student support programs that prioritize the overall well-being of students. Through her role, she spearheads initiatives such as advising redesign, “Knowing Your Students” workshops, opportunity assessments, and personalized support services tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Paula not only represents and advocates for the organization she works for, but she also actively promotes innovative approaches to student success.

With an extensive background in higher education spanning over twenty-five years, Paula has held various executive and administrative positions. She was recognized as an Aspen Presidential Fellow in 2017–18, engaging in discussions on student success challenges at local, state, and national levels. She has successfully led strategic planning initiatives in enrollment management, planning, and research, aimed at enhancing the overall student experience.

Dr. Pitcher’s true passion lies in directly working with students, gaining valuable insights into their current struggles, and providing effective solutions that foster their success. In addition to her roles in assessment, grant development, human resources, accreditation, and finance, she has also served as an adjunct professor.

Overall, Dr. Pitcher’s expertise empowers colleges and educational systems to drive transformative change and implement holistic student support systems, ultimately enriching the educational experience and outcomes for students.


D.M. (Community College Policy and Administration) | University of Maryland Global Campus

M.B.A. and B.S. | Bethel University

A.A.S. | Texas State Technical College

Past Experience

Vice President, Enrollment Management | Delaware County Community College

Senior Advisor to the Commissioner | Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

Vice President Enrollment Management | Middlesex Community College

Assistant Dean Research and Planning | Atlantic Cape Community College

Adjunct Faculty | Wilmington University, Southwestern Michigan College

How has education changed your life/your family?

In eleventh grade, my high school guidance counselor asked me to prepare for life after graduation. I expected her to provide me with college applications, but instead she provided me with local service-level job applications. I did not know it at the time, but I had been labeled as someone who did not belong in college despite my “honors” status. A few years later, I was a single parent of two. I decided to drive myself to the community college but remember being scared to get out of the car thinking I would not fit in. With the support of a dedicated college staff member, I was able complete an associate degree within two years. This changed my life dramatically. Since then, I have been a strong advocate for minoritized students and have worked to support and encourage them through college and on to meaningful careers. Everyone deserves access to college, and community colleges provide that access. Education changes lives.

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