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K–12 Partnerships Landscape Analysis

Increasing college equity through a strategic approach to K–12 partnerships

Achieving equity in higher education requires a bold new access agenda for underrepresented students. K–12 partnerships are a crucial element of colleges’ enrollment strategies. Dual enrollment and early college, as well as bridge programs, continue to grow in number and importance.

However, students of color, economically disadvantaged learners, and first-generation college students are still underrepresented in these programs. It is vital that community college leaders evaluate their K–12 partnerships to address the distinct needs of historically under-resourced student populations, creating powerful dual enrollment, early college, and bridge experiences that give every student the tools they need to succeed.

K–12 Partnerships Landscape Analysis

Conducted by Achieving the Dream’s expert staff and coaches, our K–12 Partnerships Landscape Analysis gives colleges a thorough analysis of strengths and gaps in their K–12 partnerships and delivers a recommended roadmap.

Informed by research and experience, our analysis helps your college build, scale, and optimize equitable K–12 partnerships by:

  • Taking a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio of K–12/college partnerships and aligning it to your strategic priorities
  • Identifying and assessing existing barriers that impede access to dual enrollment programs
  • Uncovering opportunities to increase equity within existing K–12 programs and partnerships
  • Recommending programs and strategies to increase enrollments and expand access for students who have not received a diploma and are otherwise unlikely to matriculate directly from high school to college

Key Service Benefits 

Through your work with Achieving the Dream, your college will:

  • Tailor programs and support services to meet the unique needs of your students by working directly with Achieving the Dream’s experienced team
  • Gain visibility into how existing programs and policies impact your enrollment and student achievement
  • Discover opportunities to increase equitable access and student success
  • Develop a strategic portfolio of K–12 partnerships that meet the college’s enrollment goals and your community’s postsecondary attainment needs

Featured Services

As a part of this landscape analysis, our coaches:

  • Conduct interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders
  • Study and review existing college data, research, and reports
  • Conduct a thorough gap analysis that surfaces how existing programs and policies affect equity
  • Apply college-specific research and best practices to recommend K–12 partnership strategies
  • Deliver a formal report containing findings, analysis, and detailed programming and policy recommendations


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