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ATD Equity-Minded Decision-Making Guide Example

Research & Reports
July 22, 2020

Addressing equity on community college campuses requires a systemic approach that permeates the institution. Only by infusing principles of equity more intentionally into daily and strategic decisions that ensure policies and practices are designed to support students in achieving their goals can colleges see gains in their student outcomes. Developing a strong understanding of societal biases, and how they manifest both nationally and locally, is the most effective way for colleges to identify systemic issues that reflect these biases and make decisions that correct these issues.

This guide can be used as an example for colleges interested in building their own equity-minded decision-making guide or as a starting point for colleges to tailor to their own student and institutional context. Your decision-making guide should be grounded in your campus’ own definition of equity.

We would like to hear about your equity work…your goals, challenges, and needs. Send us a message at [email protected].

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equity minded decision making guide example

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