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A faculty-centered approach to successfully implementing adaptive courseware

Stories & Case Studies
June 17, 2021

The following Cuyahoga Community College case study is part of a series of studies conducted by ATD examining how adaptive courseware is implemented at those institutions as well as how courseware is used in particular disciplines to better serve students. Case studies are based on a series of interviews with college leaders, faculty, instructional designers, developers, technology specialists and students who were enrolled in classes using the courseware.

A Faculty-Centered Approach to Successfully Implementing Adaptive Courseware

Faculty at Cuyahoga Community College led efforts to implement and then scale adaptive courseware for gateway courses in more than a half-dozen disciplines. The institution supported faculty efforts by creating a collaborative learning community and providing other supporting resources, and faculty continue to take the lead in scaling adaptive courseware within their disciplines.

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Several people of varying ages stand around a large table in a science classroom.

Achieving the Dream (ATD) is one of 12 higher education and digital learning organizations that make up the Every Learner Everywhere (Every Learner) Network, whose mission is to help higher education institutions improve and ensure more equitable student outcomes through advances in digital learning, particularly among poverty-impacted, racially minoritized, and first-generation students.

Every Learner partners are addressing high failure rates in foundational courses through the provision of scalable, high-quality support to colleges and universities seeking to implement adaptive courseware on their campuses. As part of its ongoing effort to help community colleges develop effective teaching and learning practices, ATD is working with seven community colleges in Florida, Ohio, and Texas on this initiative, providing coaching and direct support to the colleges, fostering collaboration within and among the participating institutions, and serving as a liaison to the Every Learner network.

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