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How Did Six Community Colleges Design Supports for Part-Time Faculty?

Stories & Case Studies
July 27, 2020

Ccrc’s final report on achieving the dream’s engaging adjuncts project

This report describes findings from a study of the Engaging Adjunct Faculty in the Student Success Movement project, a two-year initiative led by Achieving the Dream (ATD) to develop and implement strategies to support adjunct faculty in improving student outcomes. Work in the project—guided by four design principles calling attention to (1) classroom activities, (2) professional development, (3) employment policies, and (4) the use of data—was led by teams of full- and part-time faculty and administrators at six participating community colleges. A key objective of the project was to generate information about promising, scalable, sustainable engagement strategies that could be shared across the national network of ATD colleges.

Using survey, interview, and student transcript data, the Community College Research Center (CCRC) documented a range of strategies (and associated activities) that colleges designed to support and engage their adjunct faculty, examined how the strategies were implemented, and measured the effects of a set of selected activities on faculty and students.

Download the full report using the link below.



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