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Postsecondary Data Partnership

The Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) is a framework for advancing equity that helps institutions, states, and organizations support a culture of evidence and inquiry, using an intersectional approach to disaggregate, benchmark, and communicate data.

Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Outcomes.

Achieving the Dream (ATD) is a proud organizational partner of the National Student Clearinghouse’s Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP), a nationwide effort to answer the call for better data to support improved outcomes.


ATD strongly encourages all ATD Network colleges to join and become institutional partners. We provides the following PDP supports to institutions, systems, states, and organizations:

  • Case-making webinars
  • PDP adoption assessment
  • Organizational partner checklist
  • Mentored, six-week PDP onboarding courses; Spring 2024 Courses Are Open for Registration!
  • Data file preparation and submission checklist
  • Technical briefs and assistance for file submissions
  • Data summits and capacity-building workshops
  • Data coaching
  • Peer learning


See how the National Student Clearinghouse’s Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) is transforming the way colleges and universities measure student success so that every student can thrive.


A key benefit to the Postsecondary Data Partnership is access to better data for better decision-making. Hear from partnership representatives and leaders.

Learn more about the PDP’s approach to closing equity gaps, supporting data-driving decision-making that helps institutions make sure all their students are set up to thrive.

How It Works

Learn how the PDP is changing the way colleges and universities measure equity and student success.

  • Access data on all new students
  • Use an intersectional approach to disaggregate and explore student outcomes in areas such as early momentum, credential completion, transfer, and time-to-credential
  • Monitor the impact of pathway reforms on early momentum metrics
  • Use analysis-ready files to identify students who will benefit from additional supports
  • Benchmark against peer institutions
  • Share access to the dashboards with no per-user license fees
  • Reduce reporting burden through data-sharing with ATD and other partner organizations

  • Complement state and system-level dashboards with out-of-state transfer data and benchmarks
  • Access institution-level data and a roll-up at the system level to determine where outcomes are improving
  • Visualize data in a user-friendly format for state legislators and policymakers
  • Monitor the impact of system/state reforms on student success and on narrowing equity gaps at the state level
  • Centralize the data submission process to reduce the burden on individual institutions

  • Access student outcome metrics that use a common data source and definitions
  • Monitor the impact of organizational reforms on student success and on narrowing equity gaps at the organizational level
  • Establish organizational benchmarks by which to compare your participating institutions
  • Support your institutions in using and communicating data as a tool to support a culture of evidence that advances equity
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