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Holistic Student Supports

Integrated Student Support Services in Action

Research & Reports
November 30, 2018

Improving postsecondary attainment and economic opportunity requires colleges to systematically address the multitude of factors that undermine student persistence and completion. These factors go well beyond academic support, as important as that is, to encompass students’ most basic need for financial stability.

This resource, A Guide to Implementing the Working Students Success Network Approach, shares lessons learned from the WSSN which can help leaders take a close look at their student-services model and consider enlisting the whole campus community in a new holistic, integrated approach to student success, while also creating and deepening partnerships with organizations that have the supplementary skills and resources to help students persist in college. The promise of this work is that it will give colleges, in partnership with their communities, additional tools and strategies for increasing the economic mobility of low-income students and their families.

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