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Central Georgia Technical College

Central Georgia Technical College

2012–2021 2012–2021
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About Central Georgia Technical College

Central Georgia Technical College's (CGTC) vision is that the College will be an integral part of a dynamic, unified system of technical education, adult education, and customized business and industry training, using current technology with access to education and training for citizens in its eleven-county service area and the State of Georgia. As a member of this system, the College will be a part of a seamless educational continuum which students can efficiently transition from secondary education to technical college and beyond.

CGTC is proud to be a part of an initiative such as Achieving the Dream. As a member college, CGTC will develop and implement research-based policies and practices based on quantitative and qualitative analyses of its institutional strengths, problem areas, and achievement gaps. CGTC is committed to assessing the effectiveness of these policies and practices, institutionalizing the approaches that prove successful, and sharing the findings with the college communities served in an effort to improve student success.