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College of the Muscogee Nation

2017–present 2017–present
2023-present 2023-present
College Website

About College of the Muscogee Nation

Since offering its first classes in 2004, the College of the Muscogee Nation has become a place where its students feel at home and are encouraged to pursue their higher education goals.
Mvskoke Creek visionaries signed the Creek Treaty of 1866, mandating a requirement for erecting buildings for educational purposes. It is this foundation that has created CMN as a monument to our Mvskoke ancestors. The wisdom (hoporenkv) of these leaders is integrated into its core values and mission of the College.
As an associate degree granting institution, the College offers four degrees and two certificate programs. Recently, CMN received its initial accreditation, a pinnacle in its journey to become a quality institution of higher education for its students and the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.