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Nebraska Indian Community College

Nebraska Indian Community College

2017–present 2017–present
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About Nebraska Indian Community College

The Nebraska Indian Community College received full accreditation in June of 1981, from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). The institution is currently chartered by two of Nebraska's Indian Nations, the Isante Dakota and the Umonhon. A Board of Directors comprised of members of each Nation are appointed to govern the college. To reflect its independent status, the Board renamed the institution the Nebraska Indian Community College after receiving its Accreditation. In 1994, NICC was designated by federal legislation as a land grant institution.

In serving its clientele, Nebraska Indian Community College has had a substantial impact by making a variety of cultural, educational, and social resources available in isolated and economically underdeveloped areas. The college libraries at each campus house collections of resources important to the history and culture of each Nation. The primary mission of the college is to provide quality higher education and lifelong educational opportunities for the Umonhon (Omaha), Isanti (Santee Dakota) and other learners.