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St. Petersburg College

St. Petersburg College

2012–present 2012–present
2015–2021; 2023-present 2015–2021; 2023-present
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About St. Petersburg College

Since its inception, SPC have been a leader in higher education in Florida. It was the state - s first community college (founded in 1927) and also the first to begin offering baccalaureate degrees (2002). As one of Florida's 28 state colleges, SPC is committed to positively impacting students by offering them the opportunity to earn a degree or certificate that will change their lives, along with a comprehensive set of support services to help them in those endeavors. Our nationally recognized "College Experience" uses a five-pronged approach to help students start smart and finish strong. Most recently, SPC has become a leader in Academic and Career Pathways that offer students a clear map with sequential course listings to help them achieve their goals.