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New Network Engagement webinar series starting this fall

News & Updates
September 1, 2021

As we begin a new academic year, Achieving the Dream (ATD) remains committed to supporting its network colleges and universities in their pursuit of equitable outcomes for our most vulnerable students. To provide support in addition to coaching and events throughout the year, ATD is excited to announce a series of webinars providing valuable insights and strategies around the most important and timely areas of reform for student success.

This year’s Network Engagement webinar series — beginning in mid-September and running through the end of March 2022 — is open to ATD’s ever-growing Network of nearly 300 colleges and universities.

Interested in joining ATD? Email [email protected] to learn more and schedule a consultation.

ATD has listened carefully to its Network colleges and universities, who recently completed their annual reflections that not only recap their recent work but also identify emerging needs and priorities. In response, the webinar series addresses key topics like racial equity, teaching and learning, student enrollment management, and implementing shortened academic semesters. A complete list of webinars, descriptions, and registration links is below.

This year’s Network Engagement webinar series places particular emphasis on teaching and learning, as we know that faculty are central to student success efforts. The four teaching and learning webinars offered this year position colleges to engage faculty more effectively with reducing equity gaps, partnering with student affairs professionals, sustaining positive changes made in the classroom through the pandemic, and implementing high-impact practices.

ATD’s Network Engagement webinar series comes at a time when community colleges and universities are embracing equity in an all-encompassing way, from recruitment and enrollment all the way to post-graduation. Each webinar will challenge colleges to rethink how they approach equity and consider a holistic approach to identifying and dismantling systemic barriers to student access and success.

Please join us for this year’s webinar series. Webinars will be recorded and shared afterward for those unable to join synchronously.

Not a member of the ATD Network but interested in attending one or more of these webinars? Email [email protected].

Together we are continuing to deepen our commitment to equity, improve our practices, and increase outcomes for all students. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year at the Network Engagement webinars!


Turning the Page: How Faculty Are Using Data to Address Equity Gaps in the Classroom

September 14, 2021 | Register

Achieving the Dream colleges are well known for their use of data to transform practice and improve student outcomes. Colleges that position faculty at the center of their student success mission understand they must look more closely at classroom data, ask where equity gaps exist, and explore how faculty can strengthen their teaching to improve learning outcomes. Join us for this webinar to learn about how to support faculty with examining classroom data to identify areas for bolstering teaching and learning.

It Starts Here: Centering Our Student Success Agenda on Racial Equity

September 28, 2021 | Register

Achieving the Dream believes that centering racial equity is key to student success. As part of our support for colleges, we work with leaders and practitioners to dismantle policies and practices that perpetuate systemic inequities. Join us to learn how you move beyond identifying equity gaps to centering anti-racism and racial equity as a core component of your student success agenda.

Understanding Prospective Students for Recruitment and Enrollment

October 5, 2021 | Register

Colleges have made important strides in listening to their student voice and learning their student experience. But demographic shifts combined with disruptions from COVID-19 have shifted college-going patterns fundamentally. As a result, millions of potential students are currently disconnected from higher education. Join us for this webinar to learn about how to adapt to these changes and reach more prospective students in the communities you serve.

Working in Unison: Fostering Collaboration Between Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals

October 28, 2021 | Register

We know it is important for faculty (both full-time and part-time) and student affairs professionals to interweave their efforts to improve student success. Doing so entails building an ecosystem of supports that reach students in and out of the classroom, with these supports reinforcing one another at critical contact points with students. Join us for this webinar to learn about how to foster a highly collaborative environment for faculty and student affairs professionals, leading to a strong and holistic system of supports to advance equity in student success.

Moving Things Along: How Adopting Shortened Semesters Accelerates Student Momentum and Success

November 16, 2021 | Register

The traditional semester design does not accommodate students with complex lives.  Students with jobs and/or familial responsibilities often must attend part-time due to the way institutions design academic schedules.  ATD colleges are dismantling the traditional semester in favor of adopting shorter-term courses, resulting in marked increase in course completion rates and credit accumulation.  Join us for this webinar to learn about how you can accelerate student momentum through shorter and refined courses with targeted supports for students.

The Evolving Classroom: How Faculty Roles Have Altered Through the Pandemic

January 25, 2022 | Register

As we continue to navigate the pandemic and pursue the “next normal,” faculty have a sizeable task ahead: forging a classroom that preserves the pedagogical lessons learned through remote learning amid COVID, incorporating culturally responsive and inclusive teaching practices more than ever before, effectively implementing OER and digital learning, and fostering greater community among learners (student and faculty alike). Join us for this webinar to learn about how faculty can transform their teaching and better ensure students are learning in the evolving classroom.

Lessons from the Best: Learning from the 2022 LMA Winner(s)

March 16, 2022 | Register

Each year Achieving the Dream bestows the Leah Meyer Austin Award on an ATD college or colleges that have demonstrated exemplary student outcomes over multiple years. Join us for this webinar to hear from the 2022 LMA winner(s) and learn about innovative ways to transform your culture, adopt equity-mindedness, and increase student success.

Building a Culture of Teaching & Learning Excellence Through High-Impact Professional Learning

March 29, 2022 | Register

Faculty are critical to our goals of strengthening pathways, increasing retention and completion, and reducing equity gaps. Achieving these goals becomes more tenable when faculty are given the time and space to engage in high-impact professional learning and form communities of practice. Join this webinar to learn about how colleges are reinventing faculty professional learning and hear about resources like ATD’s recently launched Teaching & Learning Seminar and coaching program to help faculty transform their classrooms and improve learning outcomes for all students.

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