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Dr. Marcia

Leadership Coach

Prior to her role with Achieving the Dream, Dr. Marcia Pfeiffer served as president of St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley from January 2002 to July 2014. In 34 years with STLCC, she served as a faculty member, associate dean of instruction, and campus executive dean at the Florissant Valley campus. She also served as the coordinator of the St. Louis Area Tech Prep Consortium for STLCC.

As a registered dietitian, Dr. Pfeiffer was a manager of residence hall foodservice at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and patient services manager and assistant director of foodservice at St. Louis University Hospital, working for Foodservice Management, Inc.

Dr. Pfeiffer has served on numerous professional, civic, and educational boards, including the Accreditation Commission for Dietetics Education, Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Missouri Biotechnology Association (secretary and treasurer), Executive Committee and Board of Directors of North County Incorporated (north St. Louis County economic development organization), Missouri Community College Association President/Chancellors Council (past chair) and Board of Directors. Dr. Pfeiffer also served on the Board of Directors of Nerinx Hall High School in St. Louis.

Ph.D. (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) | University of Missouri-St. Louis

M.A. (Institutional Management) | Kansas State University

B.S. (Foods and Nutrition in Business: Home Economics) | Kansas State University

Past Experience
President | St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley (STLCC-FV)

Executive Dean | STLCC-FV

Business and Human Development Division Dean | STLCC-FV

Department Chair, Home Economics | STLCC-FV

Faculty member, Dietetic Technology | STLCC -FV

How has education changed your life/your family?

Education has always been important in my life and in my family. I am fortunate that both of my parents were college educated, completing at least master’s degrees. I know that this set the expectation that my brother and I would go to college and finish with a degree that allowed us to go into the world of work. It has since extended to our daughters, both with advanced degrees, now in wonderful careers. My work in community and technical colleges provides me with some truly joyful moments.

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