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Data Analyst

Jessica Penick is a data analyst on the research and assessment team at Achieving the Dream. In this role, Jessica manages survey data, data visualization, and data analysis in support of the work that the research and assessment team does in building our culture of evidence. She provides technical assistance and support where needed with the Gateway to College programs. Her extensive coding experience allows her to automate and facilitate processes for the team, and she uses her training in communications and systems to support the team work efficiency.  

Jessica entered the field of computer science for the opportunity to tackle new and challenging puzzles while creating better ways to solve everyday problems. She spends her downtime making systems for her daily life, such as a database for her personal library or a plant monitoring apparatus. Jessica loves learning new things and improving processes. 


B.S. (Computer Science) | University of Puget Sound

Past Experience 

Material Handler | ON Semiconductor 

AB-109 Clerk | LACO Courthouse 

How has education changed your life/your family? 

I am the first person in my family to go to college, but not the first to be interested in education or learning! My parents have always encouraged my curiosity and eagerness for new challenges. My dad put his education together through a combination of voracious self-teaching and many community education courses. Now he teaches at UMBC. My mom taught me all my most important interpersonal and communication skills and continues to be a leader in our family. So, for us, education has always been holistic. 

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