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Holistic Student Supports

Project Success: Improving Persistence and Completion of Native American Students

Stories & Case Studies
January 21, 2020

Thirty-five accredited Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) operate in the United States. Most students who attend these unique, tribally and federally chartered institutions are American Indian or Alaska Native—populations that have been significantly underserved by the U.S. higher education system.

This document contains stories from 20 of the TCUs.

TCUs are unique educational institutions—they provide a quality education to students; they work to preserve and revitalize their respective tribal language and culture; and they empower strong families and resilient communities. Education at TCUs occurs from an Indigenous perspective—a worldview that ensures relevancy to their tribal communities and broadens the impact of their programs. We have learned much from this partnership in how to support all students. We are confident you will be inspired by their stories.

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