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Holistic Student Supports

The power of collaboration: the ATD Strategy Hub as a source of peer learning

| Julia Lawton

News & Updates
December 4, 2023

Community colleges serve as engines of social mobility, catering to a wide spectrum of students — from recent high school graduates to working adults seeking new skills or career changes. While each college may be unique in its offerings and student demographics, within this diversity lies a treasure trove of knowledge, best practices, and innovative strategies. Yet, too often, this knowledge is challenging to access when it’s needed, or it’s buried within long reports or research papers, making it hard for busy college leaders to find. 

Harnessing collective wisdom 

That’s why, last month, Achieving the Dream (ATD) was excited to launch our new Strategy Hub, a one-stop shop where college leaders can quickly see field-tested strategies being implemented at the more than 300 colleges in our Network. At ATD, we know that when colleges come together to exchange insights, successes, and challenges, a collective wisdom emerges. We see this at our national learning events, in our in-depth coaching relationships, and through learning communities. Whether it’s implementing new teaching methods, enhancing student support services, or refining administrative processes, the exchange of ideas can spark transformative change. 

The Strategy Hub is designed to complement these meaningful connection points by providing leaders with just-in-time access to the shared knowledge of our Network. Each strategy shared via the Hub includes implementation tips curated from our work in the field, tools and resources to support effective implementation, and highlights of how other colleges have approached the work. Together, these resources are intended to support the field in adapting to changing educational landscapes more effectively.  

Why begin with strategies for serving adult learners? 

After 20 years of work across the country with institutions serving a diverse range of communities, we have cultivated a large wealth of knowledge about strategies that increase access, success, equity, and economic mobility. As we considered where to begin in curating strategies for the Hub, we wanted to focus on a topic that would address the urgent questions we are working with colleges to address today: enrolling and supporting adult learners.  

As the K–12 population across many communities begins to decline, more attention has been paid to how we can better serve adult learners juggling multiple responsibilities in addition to their identities as learners. As a field, there is already a lot we know about the challenges adult learners face in accessing and completing higher education, even as we continue to uncover new challenges and strategies that can make college more feasible for them. The Strategy Hub launched with a focus on this population because of the urgency and magnitude of the changes to college processes, policies, and culture needed to effectively serve this population at scale. By pooling our joint insights on enrolling and supporting adult learners from our work in the field, including ongoing innovative grant projects, we aim to enable more colleges to access this knowledge swiftly for accelerated implementation. 

What’s next for the Strategy Hub? 

Looking ahead, the Strategy Hub will evolve, incorporating additional strategies for serving adult learners and expanding into other domains of ATD’s expertise, encompassing equity, comprehensive student supports, and teaching methodologies. We will work closely with our expert staff, coaches, and colleges to curate fresh strategies, provide more practical tools, and share more stories of success from across the Network.  

The process through which community colleges learn from each other isn’t just about problem-solving; it’s about continuous improvement. When colleges engage in a dialogue focused on improvement, they foster a culture of learning and adaptability. They challenge each other to aspire for excellence, driving innovation and progress in the education sector. We hope the Strategy Hub becomes one more way we can facilitate this progress together, as a Network and as a field.  

Start making the most out of the Strategy Hub


ATD invites community college leaders and practitioners to explore Strategy Hub for inspiration, possible solutions to problems, or next steps for an action plan.


Those who have had success with a new strategy and would like to share it — and those who have implemented a strategy from the Hub and would like to share a college spotlight or resources to accompany it — are encouraged to contribute so others may benefit.

Together, we can expand the power of the ATD Network’s collective learning.

Learn more about how to navigate and use the Strategy Hub with the How-To Guide

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