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Holistic Student Supports

How Rural Community Colleges Can Sustainably Cultivate Their Economies and Communities

Nov 28, 20231:00pm - 2:00pm ETNetwork Colleges

Achieving the Dream’s Network Webinar Series is back! Since 2020, Achieving the Dream has been providing its nationwide Network of over 300 colleges and universities with exceptional webinar series covering some of the most important topics facing the field. This year’s webinar topics continue to explore innovative, critical, and just-in-time learning opportunities to colleges navigating unprecedented challenges in a rapidly evolving field. 

Rural community colleges across the United States serve as key opportunity hubs for local residents, many of whom have been impacted by poverty. These institutions are critical to millions of residents who wish to gain social mobility while remaining in and integral to their local communities and economies. It can be challenging, however, for colleges to provide educational and training opportunities that lead to well-paying jobs without incentivizing rural flight (graduates leaving their communities for opportunities away from home). 

Webinar Goals: Support community colleges serving rural communities in reflecting on their current efforts to serve their students and communities. Share strategies and tools for strengthening these colleges’ positions as the central opportunity hubs in their communities.  

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