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Holistic Student Supports

Opportunities for All: Webinar Series

Oct 17, 2022 - Apr 11, 2023Network Colleges

The 2022–2023 Network Engagement webinar series, Opportunities for All, offers expert insights for ATD Network colleges as they continue their transformation journey.

More interactive than ever before, this series provides attendees with guided reflections as as well as a forum in ATD Connect to network with fellow attendees, continue the conversation around webinar topics, and share strategies they are implementing with one another.

This series of four webinars is open to active ATD Network colleges only.

We’re In—Where to Now? Charting a Strategic and Holistic Path Forward to Increase Student Success

Working to implement and maintain a strategic and holistic student success agenda is difficult, regardless of if you are just beginning this work or have been engaged for years. There are straightforward steps you can take to forming and implementing a unified student success agenda: completing or updating an inventory of student success efforts, reviewing how data are shared and explained, and applying a systems approach to driving forward your student success agenda.

View October 17, 2022 webinar recording to learn more about how to strengthen your student success agenda in a way that centers on equity, leverages data, and increases collaboration at your institution. Zoom Recording

The Tools We Have: Harnessing Effective Pedagogy, Data, and Resources to Create a Sense of Belonging and Increase Success in the Classroom

In recent years, ATD colleges have devoted greater attention to teaching and learning, endeavoring to make evidence-based changes in classroom pedagogy to deepen student learning and success. At the same time, we increasingly recognize the need to increase students’ sense of belonging in the classroom through building connections with students and adopting culturally inclusive practices. Leveraging data to guide our efforts can lead to transformed classrooms and significant increases in learning outcomes. View November 7, 2022, Zoom Recording

March 22, 2023 | 2:00 p.m. ET

Learning from the 2023 Leah Meyer Austin Award Winner

Each year Achieving the Dream bestows the Leah Meyer Austin Award on an ATD college or colleges that have demonstrated exemplary student outcomes over multiple years, particularly in closing equity gaps, dismantling systemic barriers, and increasing social mobility for students and economic vibrancy for their communities.

Join us for this webinar to hear from the 2023 LMA winner(s) and learn about innovative ways to transform your culture, deepen equity-mindedness, and increase student success.

Zoom Recording

April 11, 2023 | 2:00 p.m. ET

Paving New Roads: Increasing Enrollment and Expanding Opportunities for Social and Economic Mobility

Community colleges – rural, urban, and suburban alike – play a critical role in investing in thriving local communities by increasing access to higher education and removing barriers to success for students. At present, however, over 70 million people living in the United States are currently disconnected from higher education and without a credential or degree that would help them increase or maintain social mobility. Physical, social, financial, and practical issues around proximity impact these prospective students’ access to higher education and more economic opportunities. Community colleges can take a strengths-based, tailored marketing approach to recruiting each segment of the disconnected population.

Join us for this webinar to learn how institutions can re-engage disconnected groups, increase enrollment, and connect more students to economic and social opportunities in their communities and in the digital sphere.

Zoom Recording
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