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Welcome to DREAM 2023

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ATD Network

Leaders of ATD Network institutions have unique opportunities to learn from — and with — their peers through exclusive access to network events, summits, and convenings. You benefit from strategic, customized, sustained support during your participation in the network and have options to deepen your work through targeted coaching services. Join our Network to begin the next stage of your institutional transformation. 

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Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT) 

Assess institutional strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop an action plan to operationalize integrated, impactful, and sustainable student supports. 

Adaptive Capacity Assessment 

Gain customized support to build an institutional culture that improves long-term student outcomes and reduces equity gaps at scale. 

Data Storytelling Workshop 

Build capacity in data storytelling through the effective use of equity-minded narratives and data visualizations. 

Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP)  

Take an intersectional approach to disaggregate, benchmark, and communicate data to measure student success and support improved outcomes. 

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Institutional Capacity Framework and Assessment Tool 

This comprehensive framework identifies seven essential capacities that institutions must build to create a student-focused culture that promotes equity and success. 

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Building Adaptive Capacity for Resiliency and Agility 

Can your college adapt to ongoing change and volatility? In this guide, ATD outlines seven organizational strengths that create adaptive capacity and empower institutions to support their students and communities in times of rapid change.  

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An Equity Minded Framework for Data Storytelling 

This resource provides an equity framework, mindset, and tools to increase the institution’s data narrative with stakeholders. 

Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) Supports  

A key benefit to the PDP is access to better data for better decision-making. ATD supports participating institutions with adoption assessments, on-boarding courses, technical briefs, capacity-building workshops, and more. 

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Colleges must examine and redesign structures, processes, and attitudes that fuel inequities. We give you the insights, foundational skills, and transformational strategies needed to drive equitable student outcomes.

Equity Opportunity Assessment 

Assess what’s impeding the college’s ability to close equity gaps.

Equity Policy Inventory 

Examine policies that cause or perpetuate disparities in student success outcomes.

Equity Professional Development Mini-Workshop 

Learn more about and plan for implementation of equity-minded practice throughout the institution.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Communication Audit 

Analyze college communication and its impact on the student experience and sense of belonging. 

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Equity Statement, 2022  

ATD’s statement calls on colleges to reinforce an institution-wide commitment to transformational change to eliminate systemic barriers, address student needs, and increase social justice and equity. 

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Equity Principles 

ATD’s Equity Principles assert that institutions of higher education are responsible for creating equitable systems to ensure all students achieve success, with particular attention to systemically excluded students.

Moving beyond words: Pierce College is taking action for racial equity   

Pierce College’s twelve-year journey examining longitudinal data and disaggregating by student demographics helped to create quality educational opportunities for a diverse community of leaders.

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Racial Equity Leadership Academy (RELA)  

RELA is an intensive institute designed to support teams of leaders as they develop bold, strategic racial equity plans and implement actionable change efforts at their institutions. 

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K-12 Partnerships

By bridging high school and college education, your community can help economically-marginalized youth and young adults earn the credentials and degrees they need to succeed in the workforce. We support you in linking high school and college networks, engaging youth at risk of not receiving a high school diploma, and identifying barriers that exist within current systems.

Landscape Analysis 

Analyze K–12 partnerships and college programs to identify opportunities to increase access and success and meet community needs. 

Dual Enrollment Design & Development   

Align your vision and strategy with K–12 partners to make dual enrollment more accessible and supportive for historically underrepresented students. 

Gateway to College Launch Services 

Support your institution in planning for and implementing Gateway to College, an early college program that reengages young people with their education. 

College Readiness Training 

Increase your impact as a student services professional through trainings focused on sense of belonging, college knowledge, resilience, and more. 

Community Needs Assessment  

When assessing of a potential partnership with a school district, these questions can help you calibrate your shared priorities for high school students and assess your mutual commitment to serving specific populations.  

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A Gateway to College for Disconnected Students 

This brief overview of the Gateway to College program articulates the benefits for colleges, school districts, and young people. It is an ideal conversation starter for you and your K–12 partner.   

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Equity in Design for Holistic Student Supports 

Through the stories of four students, this report brings to life the importance and benefit of personalized coaching as an element of holistic support for students facing barriers to their education.  

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Building Better Bridges: Guide to Strategic K12 Partnerships  

ATD’s guide to strategic K–12 partnerships encourages colleges to assess their full portfolio of partnerships, ensuring that each initiative meets a specific need and all programs are aligned with the community’s goals.  

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Teaching & Learning

Effective teaching and learning practices maximize student outcomes by helping students feel valued, connected, and engaged. We help colleges build the infrastructure they need to offer high quality teaching and learning by implementing data-informed and equity-based practices, creating hubs of faculty innovation, and more.

Building Capacity for Change Seminar 

Strengthen professional learning on your campus through a high-impact seminar series designed to engage educators and drive student success. 

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Community of Practice: Equity-Minded Teaching and Learning 

Engage in professional learning designed to support faculty’s implementation of culturally responsive teaching and learning strategies to advance equity and improve course-level outcomes. 

Indigenous Culture and OER Course 

Learn effective strategies for designing student-centered courses using open educational resources (OER) in this indigenous-focused professional learning course. 

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Equity-Centered Teaching and Learning Workshop Series 

Partner with ATD experts to address inequity through curriculum analysis, course design, data-informed instruction, syllabus revision, and more. 

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Teaching, Learning, Equity & Change 

ATD, Every Learner Everywhere, and the Online Learning Consortium highlight the strategic action needed to realize the promise of professional learning on our nation’s equity-focused campuses.  

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Supporting Student-Focused Partnerships 

In this new guide to facilitating regional professional learning communities, ATD shares insights and strategies from the Network to support colleges that want to bring community partners together to create stronger educational pathways and build community vitality. 

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Digital Learning Instructional Strategy Guides 

Developed in collaboration with Every Learner Everywhere, these three guides share strategies for faculty, professional learning professionals, and instructional designers to leverage the strengths of technology and high-impact teaching practices. 

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Teaching & Learning with OER 

Based on promising findings from the multiyear OER Degree Initiative, ATD and SRI Education examine how the use of OER can transform the classroom and enable more equitable, culturally responsive teaching practices.  

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Holistic Student Supports

Colleges must examine and redesign structures, processes, and attitudes that fuel inequities. We give you the insights, foundational skills, and transformational strategies needed to drive equitable student outcomes.

Holistic Student Supports Coaching 

Partner with expert coaches to design, plan, implement, and assess a student-centered support model focused on equity. 

Advising Professional Learning Series 

Implement or expand professional learning for your advising staff that reflects best practices in equity-centered holistic advising. 

Shortened Academic Terms Workshop 

Learn more about the strategic implementation of shortened academic terms as an equitable student success strategy on campus. 

Opportunity Assessments 

Examine your institution’s structures, processes, and culture to identify priorities for improving holistic services, supporting student parents, and more. 

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Knowing Our Students: Understanding & Designing for Success 

This updated guidebook is a resource for institutional leaders and student success teams who are ready to engage in a new dialogue about the students they serve and eager to learn practical strategies from national experts and peer institutions.  

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Strategic Partnerships for Holistic Student Supports 

This new toolkit is designed to support colleges through the process of developing, implementing, and maintaining strong partnerships that help students, families, and communities thrive. 

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TCU Holistic Student Support Redesign 

Tailored for Tribal Colleges and Universities, this toolkit provides evidence-based, tools, tips, and guides to develop a more seamless and comprehensive support experience that fully equips students to achieve their goals. 

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Preparing for Shortened Academic Terms 

Across the country, more institutions are shifting away from the traditional semester format. This guide explores how colleges successfully transitioned to shorter academic terms by engaging in systemic change and collaborating across the institution. 

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